Firefox Browser Performance – How Is the Experience?


Firefox Browser Performance – How Is the Experience?

Known as the “King of Speed,” the Firefox browser has its users blazing through the Internet at amazing speeds. Whether users are doing simple everyday tasks or they are getting into more technical matters, it seems that everyone can agree that the speed of Firefox is basically unrivaled. There are a couple of close seconds, but there is no need to go with second best when Firefox is putting up such a good fight for first place.

Firefox Most Trusted Internet Company

Besides being called the “King of Speed,” Firefox is also praised as the most trusted Internet company for privacy. Privacy is becoming more and more important these days with identity theft running wild, but Firefox is doing its part by keeping its users’ information safe from those that might wish to compromise it.

The Do Not Track option allows you to choose how you want your browsing to be seen. The Private Browsing option allows you to go undercover. Sometimes you may not wish to have everyone able to see your history, so you can hit the private browsing option and you will be able to cover your tracks so no one will know what you are browsing. The Lightbeam option allows you to see what third party sites are watching your activity and also how they are interacting with you.

Users of Firefox recommend those that want a “light weight” browsers use Firefox, because it provides speed and privacy. Even if there is nothing to hide, the browser enables you to keep from clogging your computer with pesky history files.

Firefox Has Great Flexibility

If you like to have things your way, then you will love Firefox. The company’s firm belief is that its users should be able to customize their experiences as much as possible. All you have to do is go into the settings to move, remove or add any of the features that Firefox offers.

Users can now enjoy the themes, add-ons and the awesome bar. You can make it look the way that you want it to look and function the way that you want it to function. Of course the awesome bar gets to know you and begins to autocomplete your preferences as you are typing in the bar. This includes not only websites but also your favorites and anything else that you might put into this awesome bar.


Firefox users rarely go to another browser once they have begun using this browser since it will allow for so many great features. Users are able to get the look and feel that they desire alongside the speed and functionality that they need. Firefox helps users get the job done or have all of the fun that they want, so it doesn’t matter if you are a gamer or if you are using your computer for work. Using the Firefox browser will enable you to get premium performance and enjoy your web browsing experience better than you have been able to do with the other slower browsers with fewer features.