How to Increase Download Speeds with FlashGet


How to Increase Download Speeds with FlashGet

A common problem with users that download large files is that their computers slow down from the download process. Besides that, when the files are downloading and taking a long time, it can put users behind on their other tasks. The solution for this is a download manager that is called FlashGet.

How Does FlashGet Operate?

In basic terms, FlashGet accelerates the transfer of the files from the host server to the computer that is requesting the download. FlashGet then uses the same protocol that peers-to-peers, like a torrent client, would but this is for ftp or http protocol.

FlashGet searches for multiple download sources for just one file. This technology is known as Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation or, for short, MHT. This is the same technology as peers-to-peers technology.


Why FlashGet Download Manager?

A company uploads a file on a server so that users can download that file. The download speed is limited for saving bandwidth and also to help the server function better. The download speed is limited for one connection. This is done so that there can be no supra charging of the server. Some companies choose to set up a contract with a Content Delivery Network or CDN so that their files can be stored there and thus leave their server clean. This allows their website and anything else that is stored on the server to run at the best operating speeds.

When users want to download a file using FlashGet, they will be redirected to a server that is not busy and the file will be downloaded from that location. This is why the company uses different locations for downloads, so that people have more than one option as to where their download comes from.

FlashGet is capable of searching out alternative sources for the user’s download. The file is then divided into multiple parts and connections are established to download at a high speed. To put it simply, each part of the file is taken and starts downloading at the same time. Downloading the file from divided parts increases the speed of the download.


When a user signs an agreement with an Internet service provider, he or she allows certain download and upload speeds. The users are under this agreement, but when they use FlashGet, the download speeds can go unnoticed because of the technology. This will enable users to get higher download speeds without getting noticed by their Internet service provider.

The FlashGet download manager can enable users to get all of their download needs going quickly and easily. The user interface of FlashGet is easy to use and understand. With just a few simple clicks, its users will be downloading any file that they desire at record speeds, and since FlashGet is a free service, it is easy to get the software downloaded onto any computer and you can begin using it right away. Many users have enhanced their computer usage and download experience by using this download manager.