The Pros and Cons of TeamViewer


The Pros and Cons of TeamViewer

There are a lot of remote access software programs available today. Being able to get important information off your computer when it is not physically in front of you is a huge bonus these days for both people and businesses. Of these remote access programs, one is designed with the purpose of bringing groups of people and groups of information together when they are not all in the same place at one time; that application is called TeamViewer.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is an app that enables the user to remotely access multiple workstations that are not located in the same place. TeamViewer’s software package can be used to accomplish such tasks as having meetings online, desktop sharing, file transferring, having web conferences, and of course providing remote control access to a computer. It is an app that was designed to be both extremely powerful and easily accessible. It can be as be used for such complex tasks as helping manage an IT department or used for such simple tasks as two friends chatting on the computer to figure out a problem. It is a popular app and it has been downloaded on the internet several million times.

Pros of TeamViewer

Team Player: As the name indicates the software enables you to get multiple users together on a single connection.  It is a very useful tool when a person in a company manages several employees and needs to get them together to exchange work, ideas, or any other multi party requirements. The connections are neatly sorted into drop down tabs so the user can stay organized as they are switching back and forth between users and parties.

File transfers: Among TeamViewer’s best features are the ability to drop and drag files that need to be transferred from computer to computer. Its simple menu and point and click system handle this task very nicely. This saves a lot of unnecessary wasted time for other individuals to down load the same file that you are using or avoiding having to transfer files slowly by email.

Session control: With TeamViewer a manger or employee can simply create a session which all other computers that have the TeamViewer software can then conveniently connect to. During the session the control of individual computers can be passed to a party that requires the use of a particular computer at a particular time.

Cons of TeamViewer

Privacy: There are a few things in its software makeup that would leave a user to believe that there data is being monitored a little too closely, even if they have purchased a valid software license. This most likely has to do with the fact the manufacturer has built in some system to detect whether the program is being used by individuals or commercially. Despite the last concern, TeamViewer is an excellent piece of software when it comes to users who have to access computer remotely then interact with other users wishing to do the same thing.