WinSCP: A Unique File Transfer Software


WinSCP: A Unique File Transfer Software

WinSCP is a type of open source and free SFTP client, WebDAV client, FTP client and SCP client for those who use Windows. The primary function it offers is to transfer files between remote and local computers. Beyond this service, the WinSCP software also offers basic file management and scripting functionalities.

Features of WinSCP

Some of the features offered by the WinSCP software include:

  • A graphical user interface
  • All common file operations
  • Ability to be translated into a number of languages
  • Easy Windows integration
  • Support for SCP and SFTP protocols over WebDAV, FTP and SSH protocols
  • The ability to utilize command line interface and batch file scripting, as well as the .NET assembly for any programming tasks that are considered advanced.
  • Text editor integration


Why You Should Use WinSCP

The main answer to this question is due to the security it offers. With the other FTP programs, the password that you use will be passed in plain text through the Internet, which means that anyone who is ‘listening’ may be able to gain access to your information. When you use SCP, all of your files and password will be transferred and protected with superior encryption.

Installation of WinSCP

The installation process of the WinSCP software is simple, and while the processes that it offers are a bit more high tech, the software is designed so that anyone is able to use it.

Win SCP is considered a freeware type of software and offers a way for you to securely transfer files without worrying about your information being lost or stolen. The security that it offers is superior to some of the other, popular file transfer programs that are currently available. It can be downloaded for free and there are also paid upgrades that you are able to purchase for additional services.